Who We Are

Food To You is a movement born out of necessity as COVID-19 began spreading rapidly across our globe, causing panicked individuals to stock up on groceries in preparation for an extended lock down. This led to a variety of issues ranging from unreasonably long wait times at the checkout counter to senior citizens left with little to no options when they get their turn to check off items in their grocery lists.

There is a growing demand for having groceries delivered to people’s homes as the task of going grocery shopping becomes increasingly more timely & dangerous as the days go by. Citizens are being encouraged to stay in their homes, and rightfully so. To flatten the curve and mitigate the spread of the virus as much as possible, continue to practice social distancing and let our team source your groceries for you and family.

Food To You embodies a strict safety policy ensuring all our employees are always wearing facemasks and hand gloves when delivering groceries, while constantly sanitizing the vehicles used for travel. Orders are delivered right to our customers’ doorsteps with no contact with our workers, ensuring your safety and contribution toward the safety of our species. 

Our current focus is on the population within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) but we have a mission to expand and service all of North America in the near future.